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Flip gets your lease transferred to a new renter who pays the rent. You leave as soon as you need to.

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You add the basic details about your lease, like unit amenities, landlord expectations, and time remaining.

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Grumpy landlord approved

Landlords love us! We always make sure new renters meet or exceed their expectations, no matter what.

Tricky leases, handled

Worried you're stuck in an iron-clad lease? Don't fret - we'll read it and tell you what we think.


Let us access your listing

Set up our magic keybox, and we'll start showing your space to qualified applicants on autopilot.

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Easy key transfer

Your replacement renter can pickup your keys from the keybox - no need to be in the area, or even in the city.

Contactless viewings

We'll handle viewings while you're at work or just out of the house - on your schedule, not ours.


Get on with your life

When a qualified renter submits an application, we work with your landlord to get them moved in and paying rent.

Get me out already

Sweet, sweet freedom

We handle all of the landlord paperwork and any concerns the new tenant has.

We're always here to help

If there are any questions, concerns, or unexpected changes, we'll get them sorted.

Lease free, worry free

Moving in with someone? Breaking up? Changing jobs? Buying a home? Life doesn’t always fit neatly with your lease’s terms. Flip is the best way to get out of your lease without the hassle.

Move on your terms

Don't let your lease hold you back from important life decisions. Go after whatever's next without the stress.

Fast and easy

Set up your space, then pack your bags and leave.


We'll list your space and schedule viewings.


We won’t rest until we find a qualified tenant that your landlord agrees with.

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$2,3501 bedroom in Williamsburg, NY
Managed by Watermark Capital Management

What we did
  • 18 phone calls to leasing staff

  • Notarized sublet agreement

  • Donated living room furniture

See listing details
$2,190Studio in New York, NY
Managed by Icon Realty Management

What we did
  • Security deposit walkthrough

  • Submitted 16 page rental application

  • Returned internet modems

See listing details
$3,0901 bedroom in Manhattan, NY
Managed by Vanguard Investors Ltd

What we did
  • Sent certified mail sublet request

  • Dropped off cashiers checks

  • Painted and spackled walls

See listing details

Landlords we’ve worked with

Frequently Asked Questions
Need more help?
  • Yes. Instead of a “message” button, your listing will have a “schedule a viewing” or “book” button. Renters can filter listings so that they only see ones they can view and book instantly.
  • Yes. On Flip, the most responsive listings float to the top of search. Since your listing doesn’t require back-and-forth messaging it will have a higher responsiveness score and will always be closer to the top. Your listing will also be syndicated to other websites and throughout networks of local brokerages that Flip has relationships with (depending on your location).
  • Yes. You can tell us about your lease from anywhere you would like and you’re welcome to add a video tour to your listing if you would like. We have found that listings that allow in-person tours do much better than listings with video tours, so we strongly recommend you setup viewings as well.
  • You’re welcome to do that but we ask that you keep it to Craigslist, Facebook and group chats, which are the only places we won’t post.
  • If you haven't yet brought up your departure to your landlord and you aren't sure what they'll say, it's almost always better to let us do the talking. We've gotten lots of sublets and lease takeovers approved by all different types of landlords, and we know just how to make things move fast.

  • You'll receive your security deposit back from your landlord at the end of your master lease. If your landlord withholds part of your deposit and it's due to damage that occurred after you moved out, Flip will cover the difference.
  • Once you finish adding your lease details a few things will happen automatically as part of the plan, so after that point we aren't able to offer a refund. If you request a refund before you finish adding your lease details then we will happily refund you!
  • Yes. If you decide you’d prefer to market and show the place yourself or that you don’t want to leave after all, then you’re welcome to cancel your plan. We make it super easy to cancel and get your keybox back to us: just put it inside of the pre-paid return packaging we sent you.
  • Once we've gotten someone else paying the rent they're responsible for it, not you. If they leave suddenly, we're in charge of relisting and marketing your unit.
  • Yes. You can list a private room or an entire unit.