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Flip's Guide to Rental Law

Welcome to Flip! Learn everything there is to know about renting, subletting, and anything else you might be curious about when leasing an apartment.

Find a Place to Live

Flip lets you find a place to live for any time period that you want, starting at one month. You can apply, sign a lease and pay rent on our website. Start browsing leases now.

Rent Out Space

Flip helps turn vacant space into occupied space. Leaseholders, property managers and owners can rent out rooms and apartments for flexible time periods, starting at one month. Create a listing now to find a tenant, screen them and sign a lease. You can even get your rent payments guaranteed.

Sublet a Room or Apartment

A sublet is a separate rental agreement between the original leaseholder and a new tenant who moves in temporarily, or who moves in with the original tenant and shares the rent.

When you sublet all or part of your home you open yourself up to the same risks as a professional landlord. That's why it's important to choose a subtenant very carefully, sign bulletproof legal agreements and setup a clear, preferably automated, system for on-time rent payments.

Keep in mind that for a sublet to be legal it often requires the approval of the landlord or property manager. We provide a detailed guide on how to do this.

Get Out of Your Lease

If you’re on a lease and you no longer want to be you can either break it or find someone who wants to take it over. The legal term for a lease takeover is a lease assignment. You can assign either part of a lease or for the entire lease. Assignments always require the approval of a landlord or property manager and there is usually some kind of fee associated with them.

Offer Flexible Leases

If you are a landlord or are managing rental properties, you can use Flip to keep your property rented out.

You can do this if you're managing inventory. For example, if you have a vacant unit in December and know that you could charge a higher rent if you brought it to market in June then you might want to find a tenant who wants a six month lease.

You might also have noticed that more and more people prefer to sign shorter leases or more flexible leases, and would in many cases even pay a premium for it. Use Flip to find and sign leases with these renters. Get started by creating a listing.

Manage a Rental

Flip helps you manage your rental once you have found the right tenant.

  • Accept security deposits and hold them in compliance with state law. Rely on Flip to assist with dispute resolution, inspections before and after the lease and payouts
  • Receive on-time rent payments each month, guaranteed
  • Customize leases and upload related documents for signing

The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice.

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