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$0 /month

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  • Published listing on Flip

    A beautiful, informative, and shareable advertisement for your space.
  • Messaging

    Communicate with renters who ask about your listing.
  • Applicant profiles

    View self-reported income details, credit scores, and background checks.


Get out of your lease now without hiring a broker or paying a break fee.

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$29 /month

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  • Everything with Flip Lite

  • Syndicated listings

    Advertise your listing to millions of people on our partner websites.
  • Contactless viewings

    We respond to inquiries and schedule viewings for you.
  • Auto-vetted renters

    You only hear about qualified replacement tenants. We verify their income and background details.
  • Landlord approval

    No need to worry about grumpy landlords, we get your new tenant approved and moved in.
  • Remote management

    Set up our access kit and move out as soon as you need to.
  • Lease signing

    Generate a lawyer-reviewed sublease or lease agreement.
  • Rent collection

    Monthly rent deposited into your bank account on whichever day you choose
  • 24/7 support

    If you or your new tenant has any questions or concerns


A full-service leasing operation without having to hire anyone.

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4% of rent /month

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  • Everything with Leaseholders

  • Multiple listings

    Infinite listing advertisements and active leases
  • Multiple showings

    10+ showings a day without leaving your office
  • Automated lead conversion

    Forget about following up with prospects after they view, we take care of it.
  • Localized leases

    Leases that comply with your state laws, plus necessary riders.
  • Security deposits

    Protect against damages and lost rent without the hassle
  • Turnover inspections

    Structured issue reports with photos before and after each turnover.
  • Guaranteed rent

    Forget about nagging tenants for the rent and get it on-time all the time.

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