Can I upload my own lease document?

Flip allows you to upload PDF documents for a specific renter. You can upload an entire lease if you'd like to use your own instead of the automatically generated version Flip provides.

You can also upload other documents, e.g., an addendum specifying the condition and type of furniture remaining in the apartment during the lease.

Documents will always have the ability to be signed. Every document must be associated with a specific renter. You won't be able to upload a document until you've accepted a booking request.

Upload Steps

  • Go to the Documents tab of your listing dashboard
  • Click the green Upload Document button
  • Select your PDF file
  • Leave the signature toggle set to on, even if you don't plan to sign the document
  • Select the relevant renter from the dropdown menu
  • Confirm the type of document you've uploaded. If the document is a lease, you'll be prompted to confirm the dates and price
  • Head back to your Applicants tab and click on the same renter
  • Click the Documents tab to view (and optionally sign) the document you just uploaded

Note: Once you sign a lease with a renter, you will not be able to upload a new one without contacting our support team.

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