How do I book a listing on Flip?

If you see a "book" button on a listing it means that you can apply entirely online. There are three steps.

1. Complete your profile and wait for your employment to be verified

Every listing will have a different set of requirements based on what the landlord prefers, but you can always expect for your identity to be confirmed and your background check to be reviewed. In most cases you will also need to show that you make over a certain amount of monthly income and you'll need a credit score of at least 650.

If you don't meet these requirements then you can apply with a co-tenant or a guarantor. We're working on allowing you to add guarantors and co-tenants to your profile, but for now just email our support team and we'll help you apply with a guarantor or co-tenant.

2. Choose a start and end date for your lease

Choose the start and end date that you prefer.

3. Sign the lease and put your deposit into escrow

The next thing you'll see is your sublease or lease agreement, which will already include the dates you selected. You'll be able to make or request changes to the lease at this point if you aren't ready to sign it yet.

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