How do I get my landlord’s approval to sublet my listing?

As a general rule, you’ll need to let your landlord know if you’re letting someone else move-in to your apartment.

Many states have laws around sublet approvals and each landlord will often have a somewhat unique process. This can range from an email letting them know you plan to sublet (least restrictive) to a formal application including credit and background checks (most restrictive).

Step 1: Gathering application requirements

Asking Flip to contact your landlord (NY, IL, CA, and TX)

When you list your place on Flip, you can opt-in to allowing our team to reach out to your landlord on your behalf. Please note we're currently only able to offer this outreach service in NY, IL, CA, and TX.

When you enable this option, you’ll receive an email asking for your landlord's contact information. Our team will reach out to your landlord (with you on copy) within a week of receiving your reply. We’ll be asking them about their application requirements for a sublet.

Contacting your landlord yourself

If you’re reaching out to your landlord directly, we just recommend asking them for their policies on subletting. An example can be found below.

Hello! I’m a current tenant in 123 Michigan Avenue, 2B. I’d like to understand what my options are if I were to sublet my apartment or add another occupant to my lease.

Do you have an application process I’d need to follow? Are there fees to keep in mind?

Step 2: Submitting an application

Once you’ve found a renter who would like to sublet your apartment, you’ll need to follow any application process your landlord has shared with you.

If you need access to your renter’s full credit/background check (if they have a visible credit score on Flip), please reach out to Flip Support.

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