How much does Flip cost?

Free for listers

Leaseholders, property managers and owners can rent out rooms and apartments for flexible time periods, starting at one month, for free.

Boosts are directed entirely into ads for your listing. We do not take a cut.

5% for renters

We charge renters a service fee of 5% of the first month of rent. We do not take a fee out of rent payments that come after the first month of the lease. For example:

  • If the rent is $1,800, we charge a one-time fee of $90 to the renter.
  • If the rent is $5,000, we charge a one-time fee of $250 to the renter.

Flip Instant

If you're looking for pricing information on Flip Instant, please see this article.

Credit/Background Checks

Credit/Background checks are offered through TransUnion for an additional $30 fee.

Card Fees

Any payments made by card are subject to a 2.95% fee. Payments via a bank account are not subject to any additional fee.

Some smaller charges are only payable by card. If these instances, no additional card fee will apply.

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