What are the requirements for Managed by Flip apartments?

Our selection process may vary based on the arrangement we have with each building, but we do have minimum requirements that need to be in place in order for us to accept an applicant for all Managed by Flip apartments.

Flip complies with fair housing laws on a state by state basis 100% of the time.

Income and/or savings

We want to make sure that tenants either earn enough or have enough in savings to cover the monthly rent payments. We can't accept applicants who earn less than 30x the monthly rent. If you'll be paying rent from your savings, we require the sum of your current cash on hand to be 45x the monthly rent.

Background check

We are not able to accept applicants with a history of an eviction on their records or a criminal history.

These are our standard requirements. If a particular building also requires a credit score or additional requirements then you'll be prompted to add these to your profile in order to request a booking.

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