What should I do before accepting or rejecting a booking request?

When a renter wants to book your listing, they’ll submit a booking request. Before you accept or reject, we recommend following the steps below. If you need to get your landlord's approval for this sublease, make sure you're aware of their requirements and application process before continuing.

1. Credit and background checks

Flip allows renters to easily add a credit score to their profile. If a credit score does not appear, click the blue Request credit score link to prompt the renter to add one.

Any renter with a credit score will also have a completed background check on file with Flip. If you’d like access to this report, please ask our support team.

2. Income check

Your renter’s income will appear under the Employment section. If no income number appears, or the green Verified badge is missing, click Request employment to ask your renter to finish verifying their income.

3. Rent Guarantee check

Under the Rent Coverage section, you’ll see whether or not your renter meets the criteria for Flip’s Rent Guarantee.

4. Confirm required payments

At the top of the booking request card, you’ll see a Required payments section. If the security deposit or upfront rent amounts need to be changed, click the Edit button to adjust them.

5. Accept the booking request

Once you’ve assessed the entire booking request and you’re ready to move forward, click Accept. Of course, if you don’t want to accept the renter, click Reject instead. If you click the wrong button by accident, you’ll need to contact our support team.

After accepting, your next step will be to finalize and sign a lease agreement. The booking won’t be finalized until you and your renter have signed a lease on Flip. If you need to submit information to your landlord for their approval, you should do so at this time.

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