Where else will my listing show up?

Listers with the Leaseholder or Landlord plans get their listings syndicated to partner websites and real estate brokerages automatically.

Set up viewings first

If an interested renter finds the listing on a partner website they'll immediately get instructions for how to schedule a viewing. If a broker wants to show your listing to a client, they'll do the same. This is why we wait until you've setup viewings before we start sharing the listing with other networks.

Where else your listing may appear

If you're listing an entire place and you've setup viewing windows, your listing may be listed on one or more of the following sites in addition to Flip:

  • Apartments.com (coming soon)
  • RentHop (Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens only)
  • Nestpick (furnished units only)

This changes slightly based on your building and unit information and the policies of partner websites. For example, some large apartment complexes don't allow their tenants to post sublets and lease takeovers on listing websites that they have advertising contracts with.

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