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Let yourself in to view

Open the door and show yourself around on your own timeline.

Apply instantly to the perfect place

Submit your application in one click when you meet rental requirements.

Let yourself in

Book a viewing for the next hour, not the next week. Grab the keys from one of our keyboxes, take a private tour, and start to feel at home even before it is your home.

Apply instantly

No more waiting on pins and needles. Find out right away if you meet the landlord's requirements, and submit an application with one click.

How to rent with Flip

Find a rental

Browse and filter our growing market of unique listings.

View it in-person

Make sure the place meets all your needs before moving in.

Apply online

Add your income, background and credit details.

Sign a lease

Sign digitally and wait for the lister to countersign.

Why rent with Flip?

Order housing from your phone

Flip listings are carefully filtered to make sure you’ll be able to find a place, apply, and sign a lease without meeting a million strangers.

Avoid fees, save money

Flip rentals are posted by tenants leaving early or individual landlords so there are never any broker fees or inexplicable rent markups.

Stay flexible for as long as you need

Things change quickly, especially in 2020. Find a lease for any length of time so you can live where you want, when you want.

Get what you want faster

Renting with Flip means doing everything on your timeline. Find and sign a lease for the perfect place in a single afternoon.

Need to get out of your lease?

List your place and we'll help with whatever you need

Frequently Asked Questions
Need more help?
  • The Flip Listing Guarantee protects all renters against scams, falsely advertised listings, and flaky listers. It covers every listing on Flip, as long as you keep all payments on the platform. Read more about it here.

  • A lot goes on behind the scenes to make sure that Flip listings are always available, real, and correctly advertised. We require every lister to follow our guidelines. If a listing is not in compliance with Flip's guidelines we will either remove it or ask the lister to change it. If appropriate, we will block the lister from our community altogether.

  • Prove that you meet the requirements for the rental you want, select the lease start and end dates you prefer, apply and put your deposit into escrow when you sign the lease. Then move in!