Holdover Tenant Laws in Illinois

Illinois tenants who stay past their lease end date may be required to pay double rent or face eviction.

Holdover Tenant Laws in New York

New York tenants who stay past the end date of their lease can typically be evicted. Landlords in NYC may need "just cause" to evict a holdover tenant, however.

Holdover Tenant Laws

If a tenant stays past the end date on their lease, they become what’s known as a “holdover tenant.” Generally, landlords can either let them stay on as a month-to-month tenant or evict them.

Holdover Tenant Laws in Texas

If a tenant in Texas stays past the end date on their lease, a landlord has two options: accept their continued rent payments or evict them.

Holdover Tenant Laws in Washington

Tenants in Washington can remain in their rental after the lease expires as holdover tenants, but may face eviction.

Holdover Tenant Laws in California

Tenants in California can stay in a rental past their lease end date. But a landlord doesn’t always have to allow these holdover tenants to stay.

Illegal Lease Clauses in California

California law protects tenants from entering into one-sided leases. Any lease provision that forces a tenant to give up their rights is unenforceable.

Illegal Lease Clauses in Washington

There are certain rights that renters in Washington can never give up. Any provisions in the lease that try to waive them are considered unenforceable.

Illegal Clauses in a Rental Lease

Although a lot of what’s in a lease is up to the individual landlord, there are certain provisions that are pretty much always unenforceable in a court of law.

Illegal Lease Clauses in Colorado

Lease agreements in Colorado can't waive a tenant's right to a habitable apartment or a formal eviction process.