Using Flip

Can I use Flip as a property manager or broker?

Property managers and brokers are welcome to use Flip to keep units rented as long as they follow our guidelines.

How can Flip get me out of my lease?

Use Flip Instant to let us do the work, or, post a listing on Flip yourself.

What is the Flip Listing Guarantee?

The Flip Listing Guarantee is protects renters against lost money because of scams, flaky listers, and listings that are seriously misrepresented.

What is Flip Instant?

You can now get out of your lease instantly by signing it over to us. We'll guarantee that the rent payments are covered starting thirty days after your lease has been accepted.

How much does Flip cost?

Flip is free for listers, and renters pay a one-time fee of 5% of the first month's rent.